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Green cleaning


Ensuring complete satisfaction through personalised service and freedom from chemical contamination in clients properties has been the driving force behind Angels success.
We have helped, and continue to do so on a daily basis, people with allergies, asthma and exzema, as well as a host of other complaints to run a healthier, happier life.

Cleans can be daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or one off spring cleans anywhere within the Durham area. Each service is tailored to the customers needs, so whatever you want to priortise is completed first.


The green way is your way.


Low emission, well maintained vehicles plus well planned logistics help to keep Angels and our clients carbon footprints as low as possible.


We only use hepafiltration vacuum cleaners in the course of our business, which are proven to reduce the instance of allergy and helps to increase the overall air quality inside your premises.


Microfibre cloths are used at all our contracts which reduce the need for cleaning agents, use of water and are designed to capture the particles of dust within their microfibres

You want to know that your home will be cleaned just the way want it.  If you are not completely satisfied, Angels will be happy to come back and re-clean whatever is in question at no additional charge.  Please report any dissatisfaction as soon as possible to enable Angels to rectify the problem.

At Angels, the service is only finished when you are completely satisfied.

Safe and Secure

When you entrust Angels with your  keys and alarm code, a proven security system is used to safeguard your property whether it be your home, your office or any other property type. Details of this will be explained on request to new clients.

Of course, we are very careful in fulfilling our services, but it is good to know you are protected against any accidents that may occur while we clean your property.

For everyone’s peace of mind we are  insured(Limit of £1million) against any damage/injury that may be caused by one of the leading liability insurance companies.

(Viewing of policy available to new clients).

Contact Us

Angels constantly strives to enhance client satisfaction, and are always happy to receive and act on client feedback. Angels aim is to provide a reliable one-stop shop for all your domestic chores, offering value for money and quality of service.
Below are a few things Angels clients say.......


'Make a cuppa love, my mouths dryer than a sidewinders tackle' Shouted through to an Angel by a ....... tired client returning from work believing her to be his wife.

'Tidy that up will you, Angels are coming today'  (Wife)

'Just leave it will you, Angels are coming today'  (Husband)

'(Wifes name)have you seen my trainers?'  Wifes reply,'No...Angels have been today though' and they were never seen again. Story was wife had thrown them out because they were so.......aromatic shall we say.

And one lovely gentleman who sings as we work. His choice of song? 'Clean the World - make it a better place, for you - for me, and the entire human race' Bless him. Problem is he's tone deaf. But he enjoys doing it so we offer ear plugs to Angels attending his contract.

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